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Whenever you perform on stage, you lead a team, you sell your services, or collaborate on the workplace…

All Human Communication is About Connection

An Entertaining Conference to Educate and Energize Your Audience

Delivered by a real clown

…create curiosity and amuse your audience through a presentation full of surprises given by a professional clown performer sharing strategies and behind the scenes.

…with simple and practical principles without having to learn any new skill that they do not already have. Your people will be curious and inspired to implement them. Applying those principles will ensure them to leverage their impact.

… during this conference your people will not only be listening but also watching, moving and get touched.

Without emotion, there is no decision.

When you use technical expertise, figures or logical arguments to convince your team, a client or business partner, you’re leaving out the most important factor: their emotions.

Without that connection, you are making it very easy for your competition. Why?

Because 85% of any decision is made subconsciously… Without emotion, there is no decision!

Now, imagine the leverage you would have if you were able to tap into those of emotions when you perform, lead, or collaborate.

That’s what I do. I work with hundreds of people at the same time and without using any words, as a clown named Gromic.

In my performances all across Europe and beyond, I do not impress my audiences. I do not demonstrate difficult skills like juggling or walking on my fingers. The most technical thing I do is falling over without hurting myself.

In spite of that, audiences of all ages smile, laugh and sometimes even cry during my shows.

The secret to performing on stage is exactly the same as when you lead, sell or collaborate: it’s how you make people feel.

People buy emotions.

I have now started to share what I’ve learned from 10 years on stage with artists, speakers and professionals.

Yes, you got that right: I’m sharing my knowledge as a clown to leverage not only stage performances but also personal and business skills.

Just like a clown in front of an audience, you are responsible for the reaction you get from your customers and colleagues when you are selling a product, providing a service or running a team.

If you want to maximise your impact when you are performing on stage, leading, selling or collaborating with others, the clown named Gromic is here to help you.

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