Spread The Joy of Your Wedding

Share The Happiness of Your Marriage With Your Guests
In A Way They Will Never Forget

Reach the Hearts of Your Guests
No Matter What Their Age & Language.

Yes, We Want Our Guests To Share Our Joy

“It marked a before-and-after during the wedding, because it created connection among many people whom we did not yet know, and from there everything was different”

Cristina R.

Humanity of Live Theater for Weddings

Words Are Not Enough To Express What Love Truly Is

“People Will Forget What You Said,
People Will Forget What You Did,
But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel”

Maya Angelou

How Do You Want Your Guests
To Feel During Your Special Day?

Many weddings strive to impress their guests. The trouble is people compare it to ones they’ve already experienced. You will always lose at this game. And, during the wedding day, instead of enjoying it, you will worry whether people are pleased.

But let’s be honest: no wedding’s organization is perfect. You can’t have everything under control. You might want an outdoor wedding but the weather is not what you had hoped for, your uncle arrives in a bad mood and ruins the atmosphere, a special guest arrives late, and a service contractor does not fulfill your expectations…

The Difference Between an Average Wedding and A Great Wedding…
Is What the Guests Experience.

Save Your Special Day With A Touch Of Laughter! Be sure to switch the mood of your guests by being ready to celebrate your love with joy. Bring out the child in your guests by delivering a world of wonder, complete with elegance, finesse and spell binding simplicity. Make sure you make people happy.

Surprise your guests with the visual comedy of Gromic, an International Award Winning Clown touring throughout all of Europe…and more.

Your Union includes the encounter between your families and friends who may all speak different languages. Successful weddings make people comfortable with each other. Offer your guests the opportunity to break the ice despite their languages.

Visual Comedy has no language barriers. Make your guest come together in “Laughter-land”. Gromic’s charming antics are great icebreakers and conversation starters, and he is delightful to watch one-on-one. Gromic helps ensure that your event is a great success!

Your guests vary in age. Great moments are meant to be shared. It’s not easy to find a moment that everyone can really enjoy and share. Thanks to Gromic’s imaginary world that “speaks” to spectators on a soulful and human level, you will have this moment to share with the ones you love.

Each union is different. Something unique that can never be repeated and will always be remembered.

Make Your Wedding Unique: Each of Gromic’s performance is differentiated by the requested participation of volunteers from the audience.

Share The Warmth & Tenderness
With Those Who Matter To Both Of You!

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At the beginning of your celebration would be the best. However if you believe another moment will best suit your event, let’s talk about it.

Melt the Ice, Don’t Break it!

At the beginning of your reception, people feel quite uncomfortable: dressed at their best, they are surrounded by important people they might not already know.  They have to present their best self. And this is not as easy as when you meet your own family, your family’s partner, friends, best colleagues and people from the business. Since you are important to them, they want to be sure they reached the levels they are expected, which include honoring your invitation and looking good to other guests.

Planning the show at the opening of the celebration will make your guests feel more relaxed. Through laughter you will make them feel welcome and put them in the mood for celebration.

Having developed a warm and happy audience, every activity, including your speeches, will be better appreciated because of the relaxed and enjoyed state of mind earlier established. The sharing of a full emotional show, will take effect in your audience´s actions, as they will closely relate with each other despite the fact that they have different languages, age and are not acquainted with each other.

Instead of breaking the ice; Gromic will literally “Melt” it.

Not At All. This is a True Family Experience. Importantly, most of your guest can assist to enjoy it: Adults, children, Teen, old…Really few shows can embrace such a wide range of ages. Seize this opportunity to share an intense moment full of joy together.
Show is about 30min. It can be a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on audience reaction. The importance of Gromic is the impact it has on your audience: he wants to be sure your audience feels your happiness and joy.
You will have to choose the right spot in your venue for the Gromic show. Also technical needs: a sound system and a microphone with stand. That is basically all.
Think about what impression you want to leave on your audience. If you want to make them feel good and make it memorable, do you think you will be able to do it through food? A show can literally switch the mood of your audience into something positive without their waiting to drink. Do you think people celebrate because they are joyful or because of alcohol? It’s sad when people celebrate only when drinking.

It was much appreciated by all and has contributed much to the excellent success of the celebration .

Enrico Pl.

“At the end of the show one does not know who is the child and who is the adult anymore.”

Leticia & Daniel Rousaud

He has created a joyful and friendly atmosphere for the continuity of the party.”


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