Do You Need to Program a Show for Children and Grown-ups at The Same Time?

Not quite an easy task.

Your challenge is to find a quality show for a broad audience: from Children to adults and olds.  You know that those audiences have absolutely different needs which will make your research not an easy one.

Even, when you look closely, you will realize that “children” already create different audiences: a 4 year old boy, a 8 year old girl, and a 14 year old teenager do not share the same taste.

Making children laugh without boring the adults or the opposite, entertaining both of them at the same time, would it be possible?

Finding such a show able to reach such a broad audience would be an impossible mission?


…complicated but not impossible.

Reach the Heart of Your Audience, No Matter Their Age,

Present an Authentic Family Show: Gromic



From silence, children begin to laugh from their heart, parents begin to relax with the feeling that their children are having a good time…without being aware, adults also get hooked by the show and begin  to laugh within themselves …just as their children…their inner child.


At the end, your audience will end up applauding the show with joy …wishing to see more…time went flying…you have just witnessed the impact of Gromic’s show and have reached the heart of your audience through the choice of your program.

(Put testimonial of audience reaction”)…are common reactions from audience


“Everyone I spoke with was talking about Gromic”
Pilar Calero, GAUKLERFEST | Attendorn, Germany
“We received a lot of feedback from the public. This was in love”
Louise Simon
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Audience Family Indoor& Outdoor

Gromic-Visual ComedyBreak The Age Barrier Among Your Multi-Age Audience

As an image is worth thousand words, the Gromic’s Visual Comedy presents a Universal Appeal. Not only because everyone love to laugh, but also because a “visual” languages allow you to speak to each other, children and adult. The visual show ignites the imagination of every spectator, no matter his/her age.


Make Your Audience Part of the Showsaltando

Make Your Audience feel being part of the show. When a volunteer go on stage; spectators identify themselves with him/her. Beside deontological and  strategical reasons, this is why an artist has to take care of his volunteers and treat them with respect. In Gromic’s philosophy, volunteers have to grow on stage and go off happily from their funny stage experience.

With Audience feeling pass from passive to active, even when they are not chosen to go on stage because they reflect themselves in each volunteer.

The beauty of a participative show is that, as each volunteer is different,  audiences feel the performance as they witness a unique show.

Share Fine and Effective Humor


It’s true, humor is subjective. In Europe, when you get spectators, from children to adults, laughing and being moved together…without offending anyone, without vulgarity, it means you are more than likely working with an artist who has perfected his skill over the years.
Just like a fine wine becomes better over the years, a clown also improves his performances through his experiences, constant work and dedication to his show.

By presenting Gromic show, you share values of subtlety, delicacy and humanity. And awake the liveliness within your audience.


If your audience is not use to theater, Gromic is a perfect introduction for them. Through the impact of joy, he gives to your audience the desire to come back and see the rest of your program.


If your audience is already initiated, Gromic is a perfect fit, because your audience will experiment a full emotional show…it will literally rejuvenate them which will congratulate you for your decision to have found and programed such a “pearl in the program”.

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Create A Smiles In The Heart Of Your Patrons

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The Magomic Show

– The Tenderness of Laughter –

A Sensitive and Moving Show, Loved by All Ages, throughout Europe!

Easy-to-host, Gromic’s one-clown show brings audiences of all ages into a world full of laughter and tenderness!