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Switch the Mood of your Guests into Positive

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  • Make Them Laugh

…Make Your Guests Love Your Event!

“It marked a before-and-after during the wedding, because it created connection among many people whom we did not yet know, and from there everything was different”

Cristina R.

Reach the Hearts of Your Guests
No Matter What Their Language.

Yes, I want My Guests Enjoy My Event

International Mood Switcher for Quality Events

Laughter Craftsman to Ensure Warmth Applauses

How Do You Want Your Guests
To Feel During Your Event?

You might have the best ingredients to organize a great event and still fail in it.

The best venue, best catering,… the perfect organization might provide you a professional image but won’t assure you whether or not your guests will appreciate your event at its true worth.

Imagine you put all your effort to provide a high quality event. Still your guests do not seem to enjoy what you have been preparing for them for a while. Would that mean your energy to impress your guests is not enough…or would that mean you have to change strategy?


“People Will Forget What You Said,
People Will Forget What You Did,
But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel”

Maya Angelou

Have you ever realized how your mood impacts your day? When you start your day being angry because of traffic, probably your children are delaying your daily program, during that day everything will seem to be going against you…

On the opposite, when you start your day with a laughter, everything will seem to be going smoother: when you have a problem, you will find an easy solution and your problem will seem lighter, almost a detail…every obstacle becomes an opportunity for your creativity to express and your day seem lighter and happier.

Same phenomenon happens with an event. You do not know what really motivate your guests to come to your event, neither do you know their mood.

They might have suffered trouble on their way coming to your event, they might be tired because of the travel or a job they needed to finish before arriving, they might have some personal issue to resolve,…

You want to please them but they might not arrive with the mindset you expect; they might feel as a professional obligation to assist at your event, however they would prefer to stay close to their family,…

The Difference Between an Average Wedding and A Great Event…
Is What the Guests Experience.

Prepare your audience to fully enjoy what you have prepared for them. Switch the mindset and mood of your guests to fully enjoy your event. Offer the opportunity for your effort to be appreciated. One of the keys to any successful corporate event is to generate and nurture the enthusiasm of its participants.

If you make them laugh, you will get their full attention and enthusiasm.

From rigid they become more relaxed, open, trusty and hungry to participate in each activity you carefully prepared for them.

Surprise your guests with the visual comedy of Gromic, an International Award Winning Clown touring throughout all of Europe…and more.Awake the inner child of your audience

Save Your Event Day With A Touch Of Laughter. Make sure you make people happy. Bring out the child in your guests by delivering a world of wonder, complete with elegance, finesse and spellbinding simplicity!

Your event might include the encounter between professional from different origin who may all speak different languages. Successful event makes people comfortable with each other. Offer your guests the opportunity to break the ice in spite of their language.

Visual Comedy has no language barriers. Make your guest come together in “Laughter-land”. Gromic’s charming antics are great icebreakers and conversation starters, and he is delightful to be watched one-on-one. Gromic helps ensure that social portions of your event are a great success!

Being professional does not mean staying cold. Best collaboration and businesses always happen with a sense of trust and closeness. By offering them fine humor, you demonstrate to your audience not only your high quality taste but also that you care for how they feel. Your event is not only about appearing perfect by a perfect organization, but it is to offer them a positive and memorable experience.

With a participative show, you Make them part of the show. Make them active.

Respectful participation.

Share The Warmth & Tenderness
With Those Who Matter To Both Of You!

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At the beginning of your celebration would be the best. However if you believe another moment will best suit your event, let’s talk about it.

Melt the Ice, Don’t Break it!

At the beginning of your reception, people feel quite uncomfortable: dressed at their best, they are surrounded by important people they might not already know. They have to present their best self. And this is not as easy as when you meet your own family, your family’s partner, friends, best colleagues and people from the business. Since you are important to them, they want to be sure they reached the levels they are expected, which include honoring your invitation and looking good to other guests.

Planning the show at the opening of the celebration will make your guests feel more relaxed. Through laughter you will make them feel welcome and put them in the mood for celebration.

Having developed a warm and happy audience, every activity, including your speeches, will be better appreciated because of the relaxed and enjoyed state of mind earlier established. The sharing of a full emotional show, will take effect in your audience´s actions, as they will closely relate with each other despite the fact that they have different languages, age and are not acquainted with each other.

Instead of breaking the ice; Gromic will literally “Melt” it.

Not At All. This is a True Family Experience. Importantly, most of your guest can assist to enjoy it: Adults, children, Teen, old…Really few shows can embrace such a wide range of ages. Seize this opportunity to share an intense moment full of joy together.
Show is about 30min. It can be a bit longer or a bit shorter depending on audience reaction. The importance of Gromic is the impact it has on your audience: he wants to be sure your audience feels your happiness and joy.
You will have to choose the right spot in your venue for the Gromic show. Also technical needs: a sound system and a microphone with stand. That is basically all.
Think about what impression you want to leave on your audience. If you want to make them feel good and make it memorable, do you think you will be able to do it through food? A show can literally switch the mood of your audience into something positive without their waiting to drink. Do you think people celebrate because they are joyful or because of alcohol? It’s sad when people celebrate only when drinking.

It was much appreciated by all and has contributed much to the excellent success of the celebration .

Enrico Pl.

“At the end of the show one does not know who is the child and who is the adult anymore.”

Leticia & Daniel Rousaud

He has created a joyful and friendly atmosphere for the continuity of the party.”


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