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– The Magic of Simplicity –

In the tradition of great silent clowns, through wonderful poetry, Gromic brings out the child in the audience by delivering a world of wonder complete with elegance, finesse and spellbinding simplicity!

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            Family & Adult Audience | Theater | 55 minutes | No Words

Youth Has No Age: Make Them Laugh… Make Them Love Your Event!

Rejuvenate your audience. Ignite the imagination of your spectators through Gromic’s magic of simplicity. Gently lead your spectators into a magical and memorable world of make-believe. Offer them a journey to that innocent age of wonder and joy they thought they had lost forever. Your patrons will share in a joyful show full of laughter, excitement and surprises —created out of thin air! 
Allow your audience to play safely with a clever, careful and professional performer. The clean humor and charming skits are carefully crafted to delight your crowd. Trust in a show which always amuses and never offends!
It’s true, humor is subjective.  And when you find spectators laughing and being moved together all over Europe…without offending anyone,without vulgarity… it means you are almost certainly working with an adroit artist who has perfected his material over the years.

Just as a fine wine becomes better over the years, a thoughtful and professional clown also improves his performances through his experiences, constant work and dedication to his show.

Fluent in the language of laughter, Gromic will excite and delight any audience, regardless of their language or culture. Through the passport of his Visual Comedy Shows, he has brought great joy and laughter to many countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Republic of San Marino, Switzerland…
All you need is a sound and light rehearsal with your technician, and an audience with their attention to the stage – ready to experience a journey filled with happiness and laughter.

You can choose between an entire show or just part of one. You can also book him as complementary entertainment to bring a touch of laughter and tenderness to a larger production or event.

Gromic fills the festival
“El Festin” of San Jordi with magic

The Ibiza Diary



If you are looking for an act that will let people have carefree yet refined fun, get in touch with Gromic today!

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