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The Tender Touch of Laughter
Beyond Age & Language

One-Clown Shows of Visual Comedy

“Gromic was a big hit in our festival. It was wonderful to work with him.”

Kathleen Keymeulen


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“Making people laugh without vulgarity but with kindness and subtlety. It’s what gets Gromic”
“With Gromic we have had a good start, because we are convinced that thanks to the overall smooth running of the show, the audience went out verysatisfied, ensuring spectators for the next editions.”
Iolanda Escofet, CC COTXERES BORRELL | Barcelona, Spain
“Everyone I spoke with was talking about Gromic and so was a success hiring him for our event.”
Pilar Calero, GAUKLERFEST | Attendorn, Germany

A True Family Show

Each organizers program of shows demonstrates the quality of his or her tastes. Often comedy shows can be aggressive and uncomfortable to present. With Gromic – relax: nobody gets hurt and nobody is offended. Offer happiness to everyone: the ones on stage (volunteers) and the ones off stage (the spectators). Booking Gromic shows you share the values of subtlety, delicacy and humanity.
Imagine your demanding audience of different ages, laughing and being emotionally moved at the same time. Offer them a show that affects someone we all have in common: our inner child.

Give to your audience a genuine feeling of happiness through Gromic’s Poetry of Simplicity. Proudly give your event a delightful new representation of the traditional European clown: an unique cocktail of clowning, filled with laughter and tenderness.

A Belgian living in Spain, speaking 6 languages daily and performing without words, Gromic is anexample of the new multi-cultural Europe. He provides a quality international value to your event: Gromic’s one-clown shows have been presented with great success in Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Finland, Netherlands, Republic of San Marino, Switzerland and more.
All you need is a mini-jack connection on stage to your sound system, a chair, a microphone, and an attentive audience – ready to experience emotions with tenderness and laughter. This means you can treat your theater-goers to a memorable performance — with no headaches for you or your stage staff!

Create A Smiles In The Heart Of Your Patrons

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