Avner The Eccentric

If You Like Gromic, You Will Love Them

Avner The Eccentric, More Than A Clown, A True Master.

I saw an Avner’s video of a few minutes on youtube years ago. It was part of his performance in Broadway. This short clip was enough to have a strong impact on me.

Years later, I had the privilege to be part of one of his Master Classes in Barcelona: WOW!

It was so powerful that altough with same content, I happily repeated and still was learning a lot from him.

Now, I call him: Merlin The Magician!


Gromic and Avner The Eccentric

As a teacher, Avner creates real magic: with just a few comments he transforms your act into something totally different. You do the same, but the result is not the same. It is better…a lot better! Totally magic!

He developped the talent to make you understand through simple words powerful concepts. Those concepts are not theory, they are practical principles you just need to apply in order to get a huge outcome. After many years I am still discovering the depth of his words.  Just amazing.

After my workshops with him, I finally realized one dream: to assist to one of his performance…A blast!

Really few artists suceed to make me not only laugh but also cry without being aware of it on the spot…just because he succeded to make me connect with him enjoying at 100% the present moment.

Avner is a true inspiration not only for clowns but for any stage performer who wants to get impact on stage.

If you are organizing an event and you need the most fine art, consider a true master clown: Avner The Eccentric

If you are a performer, do not miss him: he can reveal the best part in you, and this, without making you suffering.

I wish you you can meet someone like Avner The Eccentric, a true master, in your own field.

Look at this video when he was younger: definitely a legend!