Artisan of Laughter

For Children, Parents
…and Gourmets of Emotions.

Beyond Age

«…conquered all the audience, the children and the adults.»

Andrea Tamagnini, Festival Calanchi | Réppublic of San Marino

Beyond Language

«In just 3 days, Gromic made 6 sold out.»

Ayah M. Younis, Children’s Museum Jordan | Amman, Jordanie

Beyond Entertainment

«…Necessary in this world of brutes»

Isabelle Sartori, Programmer for Epinal City |France

Awaken Their Inner Child

Reach the Heart of Your Audience

through laughter in complicity, the sharing of emotion.

That’s Gromic:

Through a blend of laughter, innocence, visual poetry and tenderness, Gromic’s performances appeal to every age, language and culture. The silent world of comedy can express more than is possible with words. Gromic’s heartwarming show will delight every spectator. All ages will enjoy the show, giving it amazing, universal appeal.

“Being a show based on mime and not on words, he reaches very high levels of communication and is adaptable to any audience, regardless of age, language or cultural background …everyone left with tired facial muscles from laughing and smiling”

Maria R. | Associació sociocultural La Formiga

Each show is designed to delight everyone and offend no one. Vulgarity is not necessary to bestow the gift of humor. Gromic has the years of experience necessary to give birth to performances which offer a warm and soulful brand of comedy. With Gromic you can offer to your audience a show appropriate to every age and culture.

“Making people laugh without vulgarity, but with kindness and subtlety…”


Audience participants are always treated tenderly and respectfully. It is important that invited volunteers leave the stage feeling better than when they came on stage. They are part of the show. They experience the thrill of the limelight in safety and comfort, while the audience is treated to brilliant humor and spontaneity. Your gathering will experience laughs and will have appreciation for every attendee who chooses to play with Gromic on stage.

“Gromic, presents a series of simple, naive, tender sketches, which often require the assistance of the public, which, by the way, he uses with extreme subtlety.”

Joan Busquets | Magazine “Carrer” by Fundació La Roda

Gromic elicits a range of emotions with slapstick antics followed by comical tragedy, joyous playfulness followed by sudden disappointment. He reawakens the childhood joys and sorrows we have all experienced and helps us feel our way through them. People attending your gathering will leave feeling more in touch with their emotions and elevated by the universal truth of humor. They will experience the clarity of connection with their inner self and the freshness of true emotion. If laughter is the best medicine, Gromic’s comedy has no bad side effects!

“The show leaves the audience with a very happy and warm feeling afterwards.”

Vandenbossche Maia | Spekken Children’s theaterfestival

No complicated installation! Gromic only needs basic sound, lights and minimal space to create a whole fantasy world of comical illusions. The simplistic beauty of a Gromic show is that there is very little to set up and dismantle. So, your audiences are treated to a fully professional show, while your stage requires little preparation — and your stage manager suffers no headaches! It’s the perfect show even if you have an event scheduled before or after in the same space.Your event staff will thank you for making their lives easier even as you provide world-class entertainment for each attendee.

“…it was very pleasant to work with him, kind, friendly, open and above all nothing complicated, everything was very simple.”


The Shows

Visual Comedy Acts

“I welcomed Michaël Gromic to Sotteville after only being able to see the beginning of a small show at a festival. Suffice to say that I only had an intuition, and we know what that’s worth, sometimes…

First contact with an eminently sympathetic character, with an communicative, easy, charming good nature.

Then the meeting with an artist, made from the same dough as his civilian double, who exudes generosity, the desire to move mountains of spectators, this voracious appetite for encounters, this talent so simple and so rare to be and to ‘believe in.

On arrival, a packed audience, who still talk to me about it more than a month later with smiles in their voices.

The meeting took place. Thanks Gro!”

Dominique Jourdan, Viva Cité| Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France

And it’s not over…

When Gromic starts to speak
He does not stop!

Touching Hearts, Spreading Smiles…

…In More Than 15 Countries










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